CADEAH postdoc Abby Waysdorf has had her article on contemporary remix accepted by the journal Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. The article, “Remix in the Age of Ubiquitous Remix,” investigates remix from an ethnographic point of view, presenting a new way of categorizing and analyzing it, and comes directly out of the CADEAH work. You can find the abstract below:

What is remix today? No longer a controversy, no longer a buzzword, remix is both everywhere and nowhere in contemporary media. This paper examines this situation, looking at what remix now means when it is, for the most part, just an accepted part of the media landscape. I argue that remix should be looked at from an ethnographic point of view, focused on how and why remixes are used. To that end, this paper identifies three ways of conceptualizing remix, based on intention rather than content: the aesthetic, communicative, and conceptual forms. It explores the history of (talking about) remix, looking at the tension between seeing remix as a form of art and remix as a mode of “talking back” to the media, and how those tensions can be resolved in looking at the different ways remix originated. Finally, it addresses what ubiquitous remix might mean for the way we think about archival material, and the challenges this brings for archives themselves. In this way, this paper updates the study of remix for a time when remix is everywhere.