Project member Abby Waysdorf has published a chapter in the open-access book Pandemic Media: Preliminary Notes Towards An Inventory, organized by the Graduate Research Training Program Konfigurationen des Films at Goethe University Frankfurt and published by Meson Press. The book looks at new configurations of media in the COVID-19 crisis, tracking and analyzing how media emerge, operate, and change in response to the global crisis and provide elements towards an understanding of the post-pandemic world to come.

Abby’s chapter, This Is Our Night: Eurovision Again and Liveness Through Archives, looks at the fan initiative Eurovision Again and how it makes use of Eurovision’s archives to create a sense of liveness that brings fans of the Eurovision Song Contest together at a moment of crisis. it explores how archival footage gives the group coherence in the absence of the contest itself, and how this togetherness can be used to mitigate some of the anxieties of pandemic life. You can find the chapter here and the entire collection here.