Our thanks for the CADEAH website header video go to Michal Orsava, the author of a Harry Potter remix which has reached over 5 million views.

Our team was interested in the way he works with pop-culture footage and re-mediates them into a (political) satirical message. At the end of this particular video, Czech President Miloš Zeman, himself a devoted smoker critical of European anti-smoking legislation, explodes and transforms into a pile of cigarette butts.

Michal Orsava is a director and creative screenwriter making commercial videos. You find yourself immersed in walking through an art gallery with famous world portraits watching you, and only much later find out the video is selling an online portal. Michal Orsava says he is  “looking for stories at places you don’t expect”.

In his free time, he makes viral videos that have achieved wide-spread popularity in the Czech Republic and also reached millions of views worldwide.